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Of, belonging to, or occurring at a time immediately before the present. Recent Geology Of, relating to, or being the Holocene Epoch. See Table at geologic time. All rights reserved. Also called Holocene. Copyright, by Random House, Inc. Farlex Trivia Dictionary. Switch to new thesaurus. HoloceneHolocene epochRecent epoch. Age of ManQuaternaryQuaternary period - last 2 million years.

Based on WordNet 3. Of or relating to the present or times close to the present: latter-daymodern. Things have changed in recent weeks; recent events. He came to see me recently. Mentioned in? References in classic literature? Yet if we compare the older Reptiles and Batrachians, the older Fish, the older Cephalopods, and the eocene Mammals, with the more recent members of the same classes, we must admit that there is some truth in the remark.

View in context. Even the vexation consequent upon his recent adventure had vanished from his mind; and he could join in the hearty laughter, which any allusion to it excited in Mr. If the periods be separated by short intervals, the measures to be reviewed and rectified will have been of recent date, and will be connected with all the circumstances which tend to vitiate and pervert the result of occasional revisions.

I have tried to expose to the view of the public more distinctly than is commonly done, one of the characters of the recent past.

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So often have you asked me about my former existence--about my mother, about Pokrovski, about my sojourn with Anna Thedorovna, about my more recent misfortunes; so often have you expressed an earnest desire to read the manuscript in which God knows why I have recorded certain incidents of my life, that I feel no doubt but that the sending of it will give you sincere pleasure.

Almost within an arm's length was a little depression in the earth; it had been filled by a recent rain--a pool of clear water.In order to understand kidney function tests, also known as a renal panel, it is important to understand what the kidneys do.

The kidneys filter the blood and remove unwanted waste from the bloodstream. They also remove excess water from the body, helping to regulate blood pressure and the fluid balance of the body. When the kidneys are functioning well, there is very little unwanted waste in the body.

When these waste levels in the blood begin to climb, they can indicate that the kidneys are no longer functioning as well as they should.

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Kidney function tests are performed for a variety of reasons, including something as simple as a yearly checkup, or a urinary tract infection is suspected. They may also be performed if an individual is ill and a diagnosis has not been made, as a screening test for a patient planning or recovering from surgery, or as a way to track kidney disease.

Urinary tract infections are common after surgery, and some patients experience kidney dysfunction after a procedureso these tests are frequently performed on patients recovering from surgery. Kidney function tests are a reliable way of testing the kidneys, but it is important to remember that they can also change dramatically with illness or dehydration.

Many individuals can have an acute temporary problem with the kidneys that resolves after receiving fluids or other treatment. There are many kidney function tests out there but only a few have results you can rely on—listed below.

It is used to detect urinary tract infectionsthe presence of blood and protein in the urine. Protein is also not typical in urine. Both of these may be present during a urinary tract infection. A urinalysis dipstick gives a rough approximation of blood in urine, while microscopic analysis counts precisely how many red blood cells are present in the examined "high-power field.

Normal Lab Values: Men:. This test is a blood test that looks at how much creatinine is in the bloodstream. Too much creatinine in the blood can mean that the kidneys are not performing their job.

Very high levels of creatinine can mean that the patient is experiencing kidney failure, which can be a temporary condition or a permanent problem. Kidneys can filter up to quarts of blood each day in the body of the average adult.

The BUN, or Blood Urea Nitrogen testis another way to determine if the kidneys are successfully filtering the blood. Urea nitrogen is normal in the blood at small levels, but higher levels may indicate that the individual is experiencing kidney problems. Kidney function can fluctuate through the course of a day, so this test provides a look at the average function of the kidneys. In patients with kidney stones, special home collections of urine can provide information about why kidney stones are forming for example litholink.Official websites use.

Share sensitive information only on official, secure websites. In addition, pursuant to 11 U. The following link provides the median family income data published in September and CPI-adjusted in Januaryreproduced in a format that is designed for ease of use in completing these bankruptcy forms.

Collection Financial Standards are used to help determine a taxpayer's ability to pay a delinquent tax liability. Allowable living expenses include those expenses that meet the necessary expense test.

National Standards for food, clothing and other items apply nationwide. Taxpayers are allowed the total National Standards amount for their family size, without questioning the amount actually spent. National Standards have also been established for minimum allowances for out-of-pocket health care expenses.

Taxpayers and their dependents are allowed the standard amount on a per person basis, without questioning the amount actually spent. Maximum allowances for housing and utilities and transportation, known as the Local Standards, vary by location. In most cases, the taxpayer is allowed the amount actually spent, or the local standard, whichever is less. However, taxpayers must provide documentation that supports a determination that using national and local expense standards leaves them an inadequate means of providing for basic living expenses.

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The survey collects information from the Nation's households and families on their buying habits expendituresincome and household characteristics. Out-of-Pocket Health Care standards have been established for out-of-pocket health care expenses including medical services, prescription drugs, and medical supplies e. The table for health care allowances is based on Medical Expenditure Panel Survey data and uses an average amount per person for taxpayers and their dependents under 65 and those individuals that are 65 and older.

recent test means

The out-of-pocket health care standard amount is allowed in addition to the amount taxpayers pay for health insurance. Housing and Utilities Standards are derived from Census and BLS data, and are provided by state down to the county level. Housing and Utilities standards include mortgage or rent, property taxes, interest, insurance, maintenance, repairs, gas, electric, water, heating oil, garbage collection, telephone, cell phone, internet, and cable.

The tables include five categories for one, two, three, four, and five or more persons in a household. The ownership costs provide maximum allowances for the lease or purchase of up to two automobiles if allowed as a necessary expense. A single taxpayer is normally allowed one automobile. The operating costs include maintenance, repairs, insurance, fuel, registrations, licenses, inspections, parking and tolls. If a taxpayer has a car payment, the allowable ownership cost added to the allowable operating cost equals the allowable transportation expense.

If a taxpayer has a car, but no car payment, only the operating costs portion of the transportation standard is used to figure the allowable transportation expense. In both of these cases, the taxpayer is allowed the amount actually spent, or the standard, whichever is less. There is a single nationwide allowance for public transportation based on BLS expenditure data for mass transit fares for a train, bus, taxi, ferry, etc.Add recent to one of your lists below, or create a new one.

Blood is thicker than water. Definitions Clear explanations of natural written and spoken English. Click on the arrows to change the translation direction. Follow us. Choose a dictionary. Clear explanations of natural written and spoken English. Usage explanations of natural written and spoken English.

Word Lists. Choose your language. My word lists. Tell us about this example sentence:. The word in the example sentence does not match the entry word. The sentence contains offensive content. Cancel Submit.

Your feedback will be reviewed. B1 happening or starting from a short time ago:. Is that a recent photo? Have you been following recent political events? In recent years I've been cursed with worsening eyesight. The party's ambitions have been deflated by the two recent by-election defeats.There are thousands of medical tests used on patients to diagnose, measure the progression of a disease or condition, or measure the effectiveness of treatment.

But they all have some basic truths about what they mean, and how they are best interpreted. There are two basic kinds of medical test results:. Here is more information about these two kinds of medical tests, and the kinds of questions you'll want answered to better understand what they mean.

When you are given a medical test that yields a positive or negative result, you will need to know what the results mean and how trustworthy the test is. Positive and negative tests are typically used for diagnostic purposes to ascertain whether a disease or condition is present positive or not negative.

In layperson's terms:. There are also false-positive results in which a disease is detected even if it is not there and false-negative results in which a test fails to detect the disease or condition. Certain tests have limitations and may be less accurate than others. For example, you may be given an HIV testand it comes back negative. Because the test detects proteins produced in response to the disease, rather than the disease itself, it may not be able to make an accurate diagnosis if you are tested too soon after HIV exposure.

Other tests have low specificity. What this means is that they may be able to detect certain organisms, but are less able to tell one strain of the organism from another. Once you have been diagnosed, further testing for that diagnosed problem will usually yield relative results that are important to you. When you are given a medical test that yields relative results, usually in the form of a number valueyou will want to know what those results mean and how they compare to previous results.

These values can ascertain whether a treatment is working or a disease or condition is progressing.

Means Testing

The range of values can sometimes vary based on age, sex, and other factors. By definition, a relative value test is one that measures specific components of blood, urine, or other lab samples and compares those values to what would be expected in a normal, healthy population.

A complete blood test CBC is a prime example of a relative value test. Anything within the range of values is considered normal.

What do high or low platelet count levels mean?

Anything above or below the range of values is abnormal. Abnormal values don't necessarily have diagnostic value but may indicate a developing concern. What is often more important is how values trend between tests, as this can indicate that a treatment is working or failing or if a disease is progressing or resolving. Questions to ask your healthcare provider about relative tests include:.

Ask for copies of your test resultsof course. You might ask for written documentation about where your doctor thinks those relative values should be for you. You might even consider tracking them over time as a way to manage your health. If your test results are not what you expect, you may want to ask to be tested again.

There are many ways mistakes can occur, usually because of errors in collecting, storing, or processing lab samples. If the results can't be confirmed, than you'll know it's time to talk to your doctor about shifting directions. Sign up for our Health Tip of the Day newsletter, and receive daily tips that will help you live your healthiest life.

False negative results on HIV tests. Updated June Plebani M. Diagnostic errors and laboratory medicine - causes and strategies.A platelet blood count is a blood test that measures the average number of platelets in the blood. Platelets help the blood heal wounds and prevent excessive bleeding. High or low platelet levels can be a sign of a severe condition.

The mean platelet count blood test is typically part of a complete blood count CBC test. A CBC reveals important information about the number of different blood cells in the body. Platelets, also called thrombocytesare fragments of larger cells made in the bone marrow called megakaryocytes. The ideal platelet range istoper mcL in most healthy people.

Understanding Your Medical Test Results

The test can be done on its own or as part of a CBC test. A doctor will often perform a platelet count test if they suspect a person has a disorder that affects platelet count. The test involves drawing blood from a vein in the arm or hand. Obtaining a sample of blood from a vein takes a few minutes and generally causes only minimal discomfort. Occasionally, some people may feel queasy or light-headed while the blood is drawn or shortly after.

Taking slow deep breaths is usually enough to calm these feelings. Some people may develop a small mark or bruise. Most people feel fine after the test, but some experience mild aching pain at the site of the needle stick for 1 to 2 days. A technician puts the blood sample into a machine that counts the number of platelets and produces a report of the findings.

The test is very safe, and complications are rare. People with bleeding disorders should tell their doctor about any history of bleeding issues.

Most people find that the test is only a brief inconvenience and a source of mild discomfort. Hospitals administering the test for emergencies or people about to undergo surgery often get the results back almost immediately. A high platelet count can happen when something causes the bone marrow to make too many platelets.

When the reason is unknown, it is called primary, or essential, thrombocytosis. When excess platelets are due to an infection or other condition, it is called secondary thrombocytosis. Clotting is a natural protection against bleeding. The body produces more platelets during and following an injury.

However, because platelets cause blood clotting, they can also cause dangerous blood clots in the arms or legs.

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The blood clot may break off or travel to another area of the body. The risk of a blood clot is higher in people who are confined to bed by illness or who cannot move their limbs. Someone who has an elevated platelet count because of a recent injury but who must remain in bed may need monitoring to reduce the risk of blood clots as a result. Some temporary conditions can cause a higher than normal platelet count.

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A doctor may order a retest a few days or weeks later when this happens. Some common reasons that platelets are temporarily elevated include:.

A low platelet count can make it difficult for the blood to clot, putting a person at risk of excessive bleeding. The cause may be due to an inherited tendency to not produce enough platelets, but the cause may also be unknown. In other cases, it is due to an underlying medical condition.

If the blood platelet count falls below 20, per mcL, a person can begin bleeding spontaneously.Official websites use. Share sensitive information only on official, secure websites. Email updates. Most individual debtors filing for bankruptcy relief are required to complete a version of Bankruptcy Form Courts Web site. A debtor must enter income and expense information onto the appropriate form i. Some of the information needed to complete these forms, such as a debtor's current monthly income, comes from the debtor's own personal records.

The source data reproduced here is also available directly from the IRS and Census Bureau using the links at the bottom of this page. For questions related to this data, e-mail: ust. For general assistance in filing for bankruptcy relief, the clerk of your local bankruptcy court or your local state Bar Association may have information regarding individuals or organizations offering bankruptcy related services, including on a reduced fee or pro bono basis.

However, we and the clerk of your local bankruptcy court are prohibited from providing any legal advice. To locate the data and multipliers applicable to a bankruptcy case, select from the following drop down list the time period in which the case was filed.

recent test means

To report any differences between the data on these pages and their original source, please e-mail: ust. Trustee Program. Data Required for Completing the A Forms and the C Forms To locate the data and multipliers applicable to a bankruptcy case, select from the following drop down list the time period in which the case was filed.

The U.

recent test means

Trustee Program will apply the updated data to cases filed on or after November 1, The revised multipliers and standards will apply to cases filed on or after May 1, Was this page helpful? Yes No. Thank you for your input. Contact the Webmaster to submit comments.


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